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Cesar Rossi returns to the studio this week but this time he's coming back as our bait! Apparently, Cesar and Jace really hit it off during their shoot and since then, they've been hooking up for some hot sex! Both guys are hot as hell so it's easy to see why they're attracted to one another and Cesar enjoyed his first gay experience so much that he wants to have sex with a variety of men!

Bruno is our new straight guy. He thinks he's coming here to fuck a hot chick but Cesar has other plans for him. Bruno is only 23 so his hormones are running full speed! This cutie has hazel eyes, brown hair, and a rock hard cock! Bruno is pretty sexually active but he figured he would come to the studio, meet new people, have sex, and get paid!

Caruso has both guys strip down and get their dicks hard. While the guys are watching porn and stroking their cocks, Caruso steps out to go get the girl. Unfortunately, the girl flaked out again and there is only one option for anyone to make money today... Caruso tells the guys he can offer double the money if they will have sex with each other. After a little hesitation, Bruno finally caves in and agrees to give it a try.