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Javier Cruz always delivers as a bait guy, and that's why we have him returning again to trick another straight stud! Javier has always been a popular choice because of his laid back attitude and good looks, but also because he has one of the hottest bubble butts around! It's absolutely perfect for fucking!

Grayson is this week's straight guy. He's 28, tall, hot, ripped, and has a beautiful 7.5 inch cock! Grayson says he's an ass man and loves nothing more than a chick with a nice big ass! You can tell that he's very nervous about Javier sitting beside him on the couch and when Caruso brings up porn, Grayson makes it clear that he only watches girl porn.

Caruso has both guys stand up and show off their cocks and asses to Silvia before stepping out to go get the female talent. It's bad news again... The girl can't make it today. But, Caruso offers double the money for both guys if they'll have sex with each other. Grayson instantly freaks out but after Caruso talks to him for a while, he finally decides to give it a shot.

Javier reaches over and takes control of Grayson's cock. Maybe Grayson is always that horny or maybe it's because he's playing with another dude, but this guy turns into a sexual beast! By then end of the video, Grayson is on top of Javier, pounding the hell out of his ass! Enjoy!