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Straight: Corey
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It's been about a year since we've seen Zeke and he's evolved quite a bit! Zeke has been exploring the World of sex and now he can't get enough dick! Lately, he's been craving brown dick! So with that, Caruso started looking over the model applications to try to find the perfect match for Zeke!

Welcome Corey to the studio! Corey is tall, dark, and handsome. Actually, he's very tall! He stands at 6'6'', weighs 200 pounds, and is everything that Zeke has been looking for. Oh, and his cock is massive! Corey submitted his application for straight porn. He said he fucks girls off camera so why not fuck them on camera and get paid for it?

Caruso tells the guys to get naked and get hard while he steps out to check on the female talent. Well, you know the drill. The girl can't make it today and nobody is going to get paid. Unless, both guys agree to have sex with each other for double the money. Corey was very hesitant at first but he can't resist the money and decides to give it a try!