Straight: Chandler Scott
Straight: Lex
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Money talks! This week, we have two returning straight guys that are in need of some quick cash and now that they've had sex with a dude before, it shouldn't be that awkward.

Chandler and Lex are both total studs. Both are hot, built, and they also have matching 8'' thick dicks! And, those beautiful dicks get put to good use!

You may remember in their previous scenes, that both guys didn't take to cock sucking very well... But, this time Caruso tells them that if they want to get paid, then they need to give the viewers what they want! And, they do! Both Lex and Chandler give each other a killer blowjob and then Chandler decides to take a cock up his virgin ass!

Watch Lex and Chandler go at it like never before and Lex even surprises us with some ass play on Chandler!