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It's been about a month since we've seen Toby Springs so we decided to get him back for another scene before he moves across the country. Toby is still single and horny so he's hoping to get laid before he embarks on his journey!

Jason is this week's straight guy that flew in from Virginia. He's 27, 6'1'', about 210 pounds, and hot! Jason couldn't keep his eyes off the porn during the interview and Toby couldn't keep his eyes off Jason!

Caruso instructs the guys to strip down, get hard, and he'll go check on the female talent. Unfortunately, he returns with bad news that the girl will not be showing up today. And, without a girl, there isn't going to be a scene... But, there is another option... Caruso offers double the money if both guys will have sex with each other but Jason wasn't having it. Finally, Toby convinces him to give it a shot and Jason caves in! Toby wasn't going to let this one get away!