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Mike Maverick is back in search of straight cock. He's had a dry spell lately so he decided to contact Caruso to make some cash and score some straight dick. Mike looks just a hot as the last time you saw him. He's still hitting the gym and keeping up with his ripped body.

Sebastian is also at the studio to make money and get laid. However, Sebastian thinks he's going to be fucking a girl. Sebastian works out almost daily and it shows. This straight stud is ripped from head to toe and has some killer biceps!

Caruso goes to check on the female talent while having both guys stroke their cocks. When he returns, they're both rock hard but not for long. Caruso delivers the bad news that there won't be a girl today. But, if both guys will have sex with each other then he can double the money! Sebastian finally agrees and Mike goes after his cock. He's been craving straight cock for a long time and now that he has it, he isn't going to let it get away!