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Bo Hendrixx has returned to the studio again this week but this time he's brought a friend. Bo spends a ton of time at the gym and while waiting for a machine to become available, he struck up a conversation with a straight Cuban hunk named Chris and they became good friends.

Bo is really built and really tall! He stands at 6'5'', weighs 215, and is packing a 9'' cock! Bo is also a MMA fighter so when he's not at the gym, he's burning calories while kicking ass. He still hooks up with girls but since his last time here, he's been testing the waters a bit more and hooking up with guys as well!

Chris is wanting to bulk up so he started training with Bo and once the pair became more friendly, Bo told him that he can make some extra cash by doing gay for pay porn. Chris was hesitant at first but he really needed the money and Bo has been wanting to get his mouth on his 8.5'' uncut cock!

Since Bo already did the work in advance, Chris was already informed as to what was going to happen and he was ready to try it out. These two hunks wasted no time and got right down to business!