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Well, it's happened again... We have another straight guy returning this week to get fucked in the ass for his very first time! Welcome Jack Gunther back to the studio for round two! He's sexy, hung, horny, and ready to be penetrated!

Maxx is the lucky guy that will be fucking Jack for the first time. But, Jack is pretty lucky too! He'll be taking in all 9 inches that Maxx has to offer! And, word has it that a giant cock actually feels better than a small cock so don't be scared the next time someone whips out their giant dick and wants you to take it for a ride. It may feel better than you ever expected!

Jack and Maxx don't waste a second and the sparks start to fly from the first time that they lock lips! Then, once their clothes come off, Caruso takes a step back and let's their hormones take over! It's a hot one!