Bait: Jett Rink
Straight: Zeus
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Jett Rink is this week's bait guy and he's a big fan of This 31 year old blond hunk is also a big fan of Zeus! Not only has Jett seen Zeus on the website but he also saw him in person when he showed up at the studio to see if Caruso had some work for him. Well, since Jett's a fan, and he's here, Caruso decided to pair these two studs up to see what happens!

Zeus hasn't been with a guy since his last shoot but, now that he's made some money having gay4pay sex, he doesn't mind giving it another shot or two!

After watching both guys squirm for a while with their nervous awkwardness, Caruso told them to go ahead and get naked, get hard, and get it on! Jett nearly fainted when Zeus whipped his cock out so he dropped to his knees and shoved it in his mouth!