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Hot Latin stud Marco is back at the studio this week for a nice Thanksgiving treat! We are so thankful to have this gorgeous hunk back and he's thankful to feast on some straight cock! I'm sure you all remember him and how could you ever forget his beautiful uncut dick? This guy was made for porn and you can be sure that he's going to go far!

Our straight guy this week is 23 year old Gaberial. He's one sexy guy and he has a dirty little secret... He's here for the thrill of banging another chick while his girlfriend is at home and has no clue!

Caruso steps out to check on the female talent while both guys get naked and stroke their cocks. When he returns, both Marco and Gaberial are rock hard and ready to fuck! Unfortunately, the girl isn't going to make it and when Caruso breaks the news, Gaberial's cock starts to go soft. It gets really soft When Caruso offers double the money if both guys will have sex with each other. But, after a little debating, Gaberial agrees and Marco chows down on his cock!