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Joey Doves has been at the studio a time or two and we're glad to have him back again! Joey is a sex freak and gets laid all the time. He's says he fucks both guys and girls now and loves having sex with both. We were glad to help him discover his passion for men!

Jay Daniels is the latest straight guy to end up at the studio looking to get laid and get paid for it! He's a good looking guy with blond hair and blue eyes but he also has a big 8'' cock! Jay likes Latinas and that's exactly what he's hoping to fuck today but we have other plans for him!

Caruso has both guys get hard while he steps out to check on the girl. As usual, the girl can't make it today and there's only one other option to make money... Caruso offers up double the money if both guys will have sex with each other but Jay wasn't having it. That's when Joey stepped in and offered some words or encouragement and then he grabbed Jay's cock and got right to work!