Bait: Ian Greene
Straight: Daxx
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We're back this week with another special edition of, featuring two hot men and one hot fuck scene!

Ian Greene has been a fan of for quite some time and he's been a huge fan of Daxx ever since he first saw him on the website just a couple of weeks back. Ian is hot, young, and has a great body and ass. Today, he hopes that Daxx will fuck his ass, real good and hard!

Daxx still considers himself to be straight and even though he admits to enjoying being gay for pay, he says he still likes girls and he's only doing this for the money. Only time will tell if this straight hunk crosses over but if there's one thing we love here at, it's watching the evolution of a straight guy, exploring and taking his sexuality to a whole new level!

Sit back, relax, and enjoy the show!