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Dustin Steele is in the house and he's not alone. He's joined on the couch by Mike Lobo. In this very room, Mike had his first gay for pay experience several months ago and he hasn't been able to get it off his mind. Especially his new found taste for cock! So, he's back at the studio and this time he's not only going to get a mouthful of cock, he's also going to get an ass full as well!

Dustin was also new to the gay for pay scene when he shot his first video here at the studio. But, over the years Dustin has discovered that he likes it all! He doesn't discriminate and he's always horny. But, Dustin has made it clear that this time he wants to do the fucking because he's been taking it up the ass, way too much!

Caruso told both guys to go at it, and they didn't waste any time. Both guys jumped in with some hardcore kissing before moving on to sucking each other's big and thick cocks!