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Guy Lima is our new bait guy and he's one hot and horny Peruvian stud! He's young, hung, and uncut! Guy is obsessed with straight cock so he's here at the studio to see if Caruso can help him out. And, he tells Caruso that he likes his guys rugged and hairy.

Joey Strongwater is this week's straight guy. He's 31, hot, hairy, hung, and rugged. He's the perfect match for Guy except for the fact that he's never done anything with another dude.

Caruso tells both guys to strip down and see if they can get hard in front of the camera. Both guys didn't have any issues and were rock hard within minutes. That's when Caruso told them that he was going to step out of the room to go check on the female talent. He returns a couple of minutes later with the bad news that the girl can't make it. But, he can double the money that he was going to originally pay them if they will have sex with each other. Joey was reluctant at first but then he finally caved in and said he'd give it a try.