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Straight: Darin
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It's been a while since we've seen Darin Silvers but he's back this week in a special edition of Darin gets bigger and better each time he comes back and even though he's filmed a lot of scenes with dudes, he still considers himself straight and is only gay for pay!

Jorge is this week's bait and he's a big fan of Darin. As a matter of fact, Jorge emailed Caruso and told him that he thought Darin was the hottest guy on the website and that he loves to jack off while watching him. So, Caruso decided to make Jorge's dream come true and contacted Darin to set up the shoot.

Caruso steps back and lets the guys get down to business. And, after a little undressing and kissing, Jorge drops to his knees and starts choking down Darin's fat cock! Jorge services Darin and rides his thick dick like a champ before dropping to his knees once again so that he can swallow Darin's hot load!