Bait: Cesar Rossi
Straight: Lex
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This week is another special edition of BaitBuddies starring Cesar Rossi and Lex!

Both Cesar and Lex are very popular on the website and for good reason. Both guys are hot, ripped, and they both have big and beautiful cocks! Lex still considers himself straight but he has hooked up a couple of times with Dustin Steele off camera! But, today is Cesar's turn and he can't wait to feel that thick dick inside him that Lex is sporting!

Caruso steps back and tells Cesar and Lex to do whatever feels good and they didn't waste a second. They start out with some passionate kissing before dropping to their knees and swapping blowjobs! Cesar couldn't wait to get fucked, so he straddled Lex and rode his cock hard! Lex flipped Cesar over and fucked the cum out of him before shooting his own hot load across Cesar's belly!