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Even though Javier Cruz was here just a few weeks ago, he had so much fun that he contacted Caruso and begged to come back again. Javier has never been with a guy that is the same build and stature as him. And, since he's still trying to fulfill all of his wildest dreams, he wants to knock out another category on his to-do list.

Luke Johnson is this week's straight guy and he's one hot stud! Luke is Israeli, he's the same height, a similar weight, and has the same size cock as Javier but there's just one difference... Luke's cock is cut and Javier's cock is uncut. Both are beautiful and both can stay rock hard!

When Caruso steps out to check on the female talent, Luke strikes up a conversation with Javier and feels him out. He picked up on the fact that Javier didn't really want to talk about the girl and asked him if he was even into girls. Then he asked if Javier was bi to which Javier said yes. That's when Caruso walked back in with the bad news that the girl can't make it. Luke got pretty upset about not making money so Caruso threw him another offer. If he'll have sex with Javier then he can pay both guys double the money. Luke finally agreed that he'll give it a try!