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Cesar Rossi has returned and he's looking as hot as ever! He's one of the most popular bait guys on the website and his fat uncut cock is out of this World! Cesar wanted to hook up with a straight guy that is a little different from what he usually gets so he asked Caruso if he could pair him up with a furry ginger!

Sean is this week's straight guy. He's a ginger and he's very furry! Sean is hot and ripped and even though he's getting laid all the time, he decided he should start getting paid for it.

Caruso got straight to the point and told both guys that the girl canceled so nobody is going to be getting paid today. Unless, both guys agree to have sex with each other... Sean was a little uneasy at first but his dick was ready for action so he wasn't leaving until he got his rocks off. So, Cesar moved in and started stroking Sean's thick dick before chocking it down his throat and shoving it in his tight ass!