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Sean Harding is back but this time he's back as our bait. He enjoyed himself so much when he was here last that he decided to come back for more! As a matter of fact, he can't get enough dick and he's still yearning to get fucked by a giant one! Well, Sean has come to the right place at just the right time!

Max is this week's straight guy. Max is hot, he's ripped, he has an ass that's out of this World, and his cock is huge! It's a whopping 10 inches and it's super thick and uncut!

Caruso steps out of the room for a minute and returns with some bad news. The girl isn't going to show up today so nobody is going to make any money. But, Caruso throws out another offer... If both guys will have sex with each other then he can double their money. Max wasn't feeling it at first and his cock went limp. He finally agreed and once Sean leaned over and gave him a blowjob that got him all worked up again, Max said he was ready to step it up and shove his giant cock into Sean's tight hole!