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This week, we welcome two new hot guys to the studio, our straight guy Ryan and our bait guy Tom Bentley!

Tom came to the studio in search for straight cock. He likes his men tall, beefy, and hung. He's also in need of some cash so why not get his cock and eat it too!

Ryan is this week's straight guy and he's everything that Tom was wishing for. He's tall, dark, and handsome and he has a fat 9.5 inch cock!

Caruso had both guys get hard while he stepped out to check on the female talent, only to return with bad news. No girl will be showing up today so the only way anyone is going to make any money is if both guys will have sex with each other. At first, Ryan said no but after he had a little time to think about the money and still having the chance to get off, he finally caved in and said he would give it a shot!