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Jimmie hasn't been to the studio since 2015 but he's back again to make some more cash and get laid by a straight guy. The challenge won't be as hard this time because Jimmie has brought along a straight friend that's in desperate need of some money and is willing to go gay for pay.

Kovii Suarez is Jimmie's straight friend and he's smokin' hot! Kovii is originally from Havana Cuba and this Latin stud has a lot to offer. He's sexy, he's ripped, he has a killer ass, and a beautiful, big, and uncut cock!

Kovii and Jimmie have been friends for about 4 years. Jimmie told Kovii about doing gay porn a while back but Kovii wasn't bothered by it and was never interested in it until he needed to make more money. That's when Jimmie asked him if he wanted to go gay for pay. Normally, Kovii would just laugh it off but this time he agreed to give it a shot! Jimmie quickly called up Caruso so that he could finally get a taste of his good friend's cock! And, if he's lucky, maybe Jimmie will get to fuck Kovii's rock hard ass as well!