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Aston Springs is back on the couch and he's looking as hot as ever! This blue eyed hunk is hungry for money and hungry for cock even though he doesn't have a problem getting laid on his own! Caruso knows Aston's type of man so when he was contacted by Zario, he knew that this would be the perfect fit for Aston!

Zario is this week's straight guy and Aston's dream come true! Zario is tall, dark, and handsome, plus he has a giant 8'' cock to top it off! This 30 year old stud from Alabama, contacted Caruso because he says he just loves sex and he always has. Like Aston, Zario doesn't have any problems getting laid, he just can't get laid enough to please him!

What Zario doesn't know is that Caruso and Aston have other plans for him. There was never going to be a girl in this video shoot but Zario didn't know that. So, Caruso comes up with a quick story about why the girl can't make it. Then, he throws out another offer... If both guys will have sex with each other then he'll pay them double the original amount. Zario instantly said no but after he thought about leaving empty handed and still horny, he decided to give it a shot!