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Angel Ventura is back and he's brought along his straight friend Julian Torres!

Several weeks ago, Angel came to the studio thinking he was going to be having sex with a girl. Instead, he ended up fucking another dude. But, that was a turning point in his life and now he's discovered that he likes having sex with men just as much as he loves having sex with women.

Angel met Julian at the gym and it didn't take long for them to become close friends. Close enough, that Angel decided to tell Julian about his first gay for pay experience. Julian has always been open minded but Angel was shocked when Julian told him that he's been curious about messing around with another guy and that he would be willing to come to the studio and have his first gay for pay experience as well! After hearing that, Angel called up Caruso and Caruso agreed film the scene. But, only if Angel would agree to have his ass played with as well as get fucked... Angel quickly agreed and told Caruso that he couldn't wait to get his friend's thick dick stuffed into his tight little hole.