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Scott Riley has been on BaitBuddies several times and after his last scene, he decided to move out to Southern California. So, when Caruso took a recent trip there, he thought he would meet up with Scott for lunch and catch up on things. The conversation shifted to BaitBuddies and Caruso asked Scott that if he had the chance to hook up with any past model on the website, who would it be? Scott quickly said Kip Johnson and it's obvious why!

It's been over 5 long years since Kip Johnson was on BaitBuddies but when Scott told Caruso that he would love to hook up with him, Caruso called around and found out that Kip was in Southern California was well! Caruso jumped at the chance to make Scott's dream come true and called up Kip. After talking and thinking things over, Kip decided to give it a try again but he did make one thing clear... Kip prefers women over men and he only goes gay for pay!