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We haven't seen Angel Ventura since last year but this horny Latin stud is back in all of his glory! Angel has been doing some traveling so when his bank account started to dwindle, he called up Caruso to see if he could trick another straight guy into going gay for pay. Why not get fucked by a straight dude and make some cash in the process?

Eddie is this week's straight guy and he's super sexy! He's 28, single, smooth and toned, and he has a beautiful fat cock with a huge set of balls to go with it! Eddie always has girls lined up so he has no plans on getting into a relationship any time soon. But, with bills stacking up, Eddie applied to make some fast cash and fuck a hot babe as well!

After both guys get hard and horny, Caruso steps out to check on the female talent, only to return with bad news. The girl can't make it... So, Caruso offers double the money if both guys will have sex with each other. Eddie wasn't too freaked out and even admitted that while he has never had sex with a guy, he has jacked off in the same room as a buddy of his. And, after thinking it over a little bit, he decided to give it a shot and put his fat cock to good use!