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This week, we bring you another special edition of BaitBuddies starring Jay Rizzing and Javier Cruz!

Gio was talking to Javier and he asked him that if he had to choose a small list of guys on BaitBuddies that he thought was hot, who would he choose and why? Well, he made his list and gave it to Gio. Gio started making calls and one of Javier's choices happened to be in town. That guy is Jay Rizzing and we haven't seen him in about 7 long years! Jay is hot and hung, and he still considers himself straight. And, he makes it clear that he only goes gay for pay!

Gio called up Javier and told him the good news so Javier hurried over to get what he's been dreaming of... Jay Rizzing and his 11inch cock! That thing is a beast and Jay sure knows how to use it!