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Julian Torres is back and we're so happy to see him again! He's hot, he's hairy, and he's hung! He's also always horny so after his last visit, he figured he'd come back for a quick lay and some quick pay!

Shawn is this week's straight guy and he's smokin' as well! He has a hot body, beautiful blue eyes, and his ass is out of this World! It's literally one of the most perfect bubble butts that we've had grace the studio!

Caruso has both guys strip down and get hard to make sure they'll both be able to perform. And, once they're both hard and horny, Caruso steps out of the room to check on the female talent. When he returns, he has to break the bad news that the girl can't make it and it doesn't seem that anyone is going to get paid. But, Caruso throws out another offer to double their pay if they'll both have sex with each other! It only took a couple of minutes before Shawn caved in and agreed to give it a shot!