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Joe Parker is back and so is that glorious cock of his! Joe bought a new home so he can use the extra money and he doesn't mind busting a nut in the process!

Gustav is this week's straight guy and he's a really down to Earth kind of person that seems to just go with the flow of life. He's only 25 but he's already had plenty of experience when it comes to sex. He's had multiple threesomes and orgies and he's totally cool with shooting a double penetration scene!

Caruso starts to interview both guys and testing Gustav to see how far he's willing to go to make some money. Gustav doesn't hold back and tells Caruso that he's fooled around with guys a few times! Both Caruso and Joe were surprised at how carefree Gustav was and explained to him that this changes everything! Now, they didn't need a script or storyline so Caruso told both guys to go at it while he steps back and records it all!