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The tall, dark, and handsome Adrian Suarez is back at the studio to get laid and get paid. Adrian has been working as much as he can to build up his bank account and since he always gets fucked when he's here, this time he wants to fuck a straight guy.

Alessio is this week's straight guy and Caruso chose him because his background reminded him of Adrian. He's hot, he has a great body, and a beautiful thick dick! Alessio hasn't had a threesome yet but he's always wanted to have sex with two girls at one time. Obviously, that won't be happening today...

Caruso tells both guys to get hard while he steps out to check on the female talent. Unfortunately, he returns with bad news that the girl can't make it today. Alessio was visibly upset and he even asked Caruso if this was some sort of sham or set up... Caruso calmed him down before he delivered another surprise... He offered double the money if both guys would have sex with each other. Alessio couldn't believe it and told Caruso that the only time he ever messed around with another guy was many years ago when he was growing up. But, he did say he was willing to give it another try!