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Straight: AJ
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Mike Lobo is back at the studio after a trip to Brazil to see his family and friends. He's still just as hot, his body is just as smooth and toned as the last time, he still has his killer bubble butt, and he has that beautiful and uncut piece of meat between his legs! Mike has recently developed a thing for older and more mature men so he contacted Caruso to see if he could make his fantasy come true.

AJ is this week's straight guy and believe it or not, he's here at the request of his wife! AJ has been begging his wife to let him fuck her in the ass but she's never going to let that happen. Apparently, she doesn't want him going out and doing it on his own and she doesn't want to bring someone else into their relationship... Instead, she sent him to shoot a scene with a porn star so that there wouldn't be any strings attached. AJ says she's afraid someone will steal him away from her and at least if he does it on camera, then she can see everything that went down.

Caruso has both guys strip down and get hard. And, AJ was already there! He was horny from the moment he sat down on the couch and never lost his boner. Caruso breaks the news that the girl won't be showing up today and that the only way to make money is if both guys have sex with each other. AJ acted like he was unsure but his cock told a different story. Not to mention, that he couldn't keep his eyes of Mike's dick! So, AJ quickly forgot that his wife will probably end up seeing this and let Mike deep throat his juicy cock!