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Julian Torres is back at the studio to trick another straight guy as he continues his journey into the evolution of his sexuality. Caruso showed Julian who he plans to pair him with today and Julian couldn't be more excited. Julian made it clear that he likes very masculine men and the more hair they have, the better, and Caruso's pick is the perfect match for him!

Jax is this week's straight guy and he's masculine, hairy, hot, and he has a big, long, dick! Jax is 42 but he doesn't look like it at all. He's had plenty of sex in his life but one thing he hasn't tried before is making a porn and having a threesome that involves another guy. Caruso explains that the girl coming in today is very kinky and likes to get fucked in every hole. Jax hasn't fucked a girl in the ass yet but he's dying to try it!

Caruso has both guys strip down and get their dicks hard. And, that wasn't a problem for Jax because he was already rock hard before he even pulled his pants down! Just talking about sex had his cock throbbing and his juices flowing!

Caruso stepped out to check on the female talent and returned with bad news that she wouldn't be showing up today because she flaked out. Jax was so horny that he continued stroking his cock even though Caruso was letting him know that without a girl, he can't shoot the scene. But, he offered another deal that if both guys would have sex with each other then not only could he shoot the scene but he could also double their money. Jax was so hard and wanting to get off that he quickly agreed to give it a shot. Julian didn't hesitate either and gave Jax the best blowjob he's ever had before making Jax suck on his thick and uncut dick!