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This week, we have a professional stripper at the studio and he's straight from D.C. Giovanni Rosa is his name and dancing for money is his game. He had the good looks, a great body, and a dirty mind! There's nothing more that Giovanni loves than a hot and hung straight man!

Jacob is this week's straight guy and he's a stud for sure! He's young, hung, and full of cum and his big uncut cock can get rock hard at the drop of a dime.

Caruso puts both guys through the porn test and has them stay hard and stroke their cocks together while he steps out to see if the female talent has arrived. When he returns, it's bad news. The girl isn't coming today and without a girl, he can't film a scene. But, he throws out another offer... If both guys will have sex with each other then he can double their pay! Jacob was reluctant even though he allowed his girlfriend to fuck him with her strap-on. After thinking about it for a few minutes, and with some coaching from Caruso and Giovanni, Jacob finally caved in and agreed to give it a shot!