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Mike Lobo is back at the studio as he continues his journey into his sexual evolution! It wasn't that long ago that Mike sat here in the studio, stroking his cock, and waiting to bang a female porn star. And, that day changed his life forever! We pushed him to his limits but apparently it wasn't enough. This hot Brazilian stud went on to continue experimenting with men and now he's back and with a brand new request... he's looking to get fucked by  "Daddy."

Jack Dyer has been doing porn for a while as well and while having a conversation with Caruso about shooting a scene, Caruso showed him Mike and he was instantly turned on! He loves the fact that Mike is Brazilian and he also loves his smooth and toned up body! Oh, and Mike's fat uncut cock is a big mouth watering plus too!

There's no setup this week, so Caruso tells both guys to get naked and have fun. And, they sure do! Jack sucks on Mike's cock and foreskin before bending him over and burying his tongue in Mike's tight bubble butt! But, that wasn't enough... Check out Jack as he buries his cock even deeper into Mike's tight hole!