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Bennett Anthony is at the studio this week and he's here to get paid and get laid! Bennett and Caruso have known each other for about 9 years and now he's finally here! Bennett is one sexy ginger with blue eyes, long red hair, a killer body, and a big 8 inch cock! Before Bennett came to the studio, Caruso asked him what type of guy he prefers... Straight, Latin, and hung was his answer, so Caruso started searching for the perfect guy to plow Bennett's tight bubble butt!

Leo Silva is this week's straight guy and he's everything Bennett asked for and then some! He's tall, dark, and very handsome! Leo has a killer smile and a big and beefy body but that's still not all... Leo also has a beautiful, long, thick, and uncut dick and according to him, he can do some damage with it!

Caruso interviewed both guys and then put them to the test... He told them to strip down and see if they can get hard in front of each other. And, once they do, he'll bring in the girl for them to fuck... Getting hard was not an issue so Caruso told them he was going to step out to check on the female talent only to return with bad news.... No girl today and without a girl, he can't shoot a scene. Unless, both guys are willing to try something else... Caruso then offered to pay double the money if both guys would have sex with each other... Leo hesitated for a couple of minutes but the money sounded too good and at this point, he really needed to bust a nut! So, Leo said yes and Bennett went straight for his cock!