Bait: Bubba
Straight: Lanz
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This week, Caruso adds a twist to!

You may remember a sexy Latin beefcake from several months ago named Lanz. Lanz is hot, hung, and hairy! And, this straight stud had his first gay for pay experience right here at the studio. But, after his experience, Lanz decided he really enjoyed himself and he just couldn't quit thinking about cock! He fooled around with a couple of guys since then but there was one guy that he really had his eyes set on... a coworker of 3 years!

Bubba and Lanz have been working together for years but they haven't really talked much about their sex lives. And, it wasn't until recently that Lanz worked up the courage to confide in his buddy. Bubba was shocked that Lanz had not only hooked up with multiple guys but that he filmed a gay for pay scene! But, Lanz was just as shocked to find out that Bubba is actually gay. For years, Bubba hid his secret and never came out to Lanz because he didn't want to mess up their friendship. Of course, this did in fact change everything but only for the good. Bubba was so excited that he asked Lanz if he could be in a video as well. Lanz agreed but only if Bubba would shoot the scene with him! Both guys were so excited about how everything worked out that Lanz quickly called up Caruso to see if he could set everything up and now here they are! Just waiting to get down and dirty with each other and blow their hot loads!