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Adrian Suarez is back at the studio because his ass needs to get laid! He showed up tired after a hard workout at the gym but as soon as Caruso started talking about sex, Adrian perked up and smiled from ear to ear! He's still as hot as ever and now he's starting to bulk up after hitting the weights! Hopefully, he saved up enough energy for a good and hard fuck!

This week's straight guy is Andre! He's a 35 year old single Latin stud and today's he's trying to get laid. He says he hasn't had sex in a while and that he's never had a threesome before but he does love to watch porn and jerk off regularly.

Caruso tells both guys to get naked and get hard because he has to make sure that they can get hard and stay hard since they will be fucking the same girl at the same time. After they both passed the test, Caruso told them that he was going to step out for a minute to go check on the female talent. But, he returned with bad news. No girl will be showing up today but he does have another offer and it pays double the money... And, that it would require them to have sex with each other. It took a little while but Caruso was able to talk Andre into giving it a try and Adrian agreed to take it slow...