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Just recently, Chandler Scott packed his bags and moved to South Florida! And, since he was running low on funds, he decided to contact Caruso to see if he could make some fast cash and get laid in the process. Caruso couldn't pass him up, especially with his new and sexy haircut! Chandler is hot, hung, and he knows how to handle a big dick! And, since his sexual evolution that started right here at BaitBuddies.com, Chandler actually prefers cock! It was only after filming two scenes that Chandler realized that he actually loved having a big cock in his ass! It was something that he had been missing out on for all of these years!

Next up is Chase Ryder! This blue-eyed hunk is hot from head to toe and his cock is absolutely beautiful! Chase says he's straight and he came here to fuck a girl but when Caruso asked him if he'd be fine with another guy's cock rubbing up against while fucking the girl, he didn't seem to mind at all. So, Caruso told him that it sounded like he's a pretty open minded guy to which he agreed!

Caruso put both guys to the test and told them to get hard and stay hard while he finds out the status of the female talent. When he came back, both guys were still rock hard and horny! Then, Caruso told them the bad news... no girl today but if both guys will have sex with each other then he can still shoot the scene. Chase said he didn't know if he could do it but he knew he needed the cash so he finally caved in. And, during the entire conversation, bad news and all, Chase's huge cock never stopped throbbing!