Bait: Juan Carlos
Straight: JD
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Two long years have gone by since Juan Carlos was at the studio but now he's back! Juan was doing gay for pay porn for a while and then the word got out so he decided to go into hiding for a bit. He never expected anyone to see his work but apparently he has some friends that enjoy gay sex themselves or they would have never found out... Juan is still just as sexy, he has that slim but toned body, a big fat cock, and his tight ass is glorious!

JD is this week's straight guy and he's no stranger to Juan. JD was friends with Juan's brother and he even used to tease him when they were growing up but then they moved to different coasts. Fast forward to the present time and both guys found themselves working at the same company! JD is now married but he approached Juan and mentioned that he had heard that Juan was doing gay porn... Juan knew in his mind that this was going to revive the teasing that he had finally escaped but to his surprise, JD was interested in trying it out himself! JD's wife has played with JD's ass many times and she even fucked him with a strap on! That's when he realized that he had been missing out on something that now he can't seem to get enough of... But, he still hasn't tried the real thing and that's the next step that he wants to take. He said he feels comfortable with Juan but there's just one request... JD's wife can never find out about this!