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Johnny B is this week's bait guy and he's one sexy stud! He's 23, stands 6' 2'', and he has a killer body, ass, and cock to complete the package! Johnny is proud to be gay and he loves BaitBuddies.com so you can imagine that one of his biggest turn-ons is hooking up with a straight guy!

Marc is this week's straight guy and this Latin hunk is here to get laid and get paid! Marc doesn't have an issue when it comes to sex and he tells Caruso that he actually has sex all the time... It's the money that he needs the most.

Caruso tells both guys to get hard and try to stay hard while he steps out to check on the female talent. Both Marc and Johnny didn't have any issues staying hard at all and they continued to stay rock hard and throbbing when Caruso came back and told them that the girl isn't going to make it today... And, the only way anyone can make any money would be if Marc and Johnny had sex with each other. Marc wasn't so sure but then he remembered that it pays double the amount that he was originally going to make so he agreed to give it a try!