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Angel Ventura is back at the studio! And, even though this Latin hunk gets laid all the time, he still has a preference and a type that he can't always find. So, Angel decided to contact Caruso to see if he could find his specific type for him and Caruso was more than happy to help.

Mac is this week's straight guy and he is everything that Angel asked for. He's tall, blond, athletic, and he has that all American Gringo look. Mac spends a lot of time in the gym but he wants to get bigger so that he can play rugby! He's also pretty experienced in the sex department but he hasn't done anything with a guy before expect for a threesome a few years back. And, that was just the two of them fucking a girl without touching each other. He said he liked it but being that close to another guy made him a little uncomfortable. But, he's willing to go a little bit further today and possibly try his first double penetration. That means that his big beautiful cock will be rubbing all up against Angel's big thick dick!

Caruso tells both guys to get hard while sitting beside each other so that he can make sure that they'll both be able to perform. Neither guy had any issues getting hard and staying hard so Caruso tells them that he's going to go check on the female talent. But, he returns with bad news. There won't be any girls showing up today but he'll pay both guys double the money if they'll have sex with each other. Mac couldn't make up his mind and became nervous but Angel helped guide him through. He told Mac to just close his eyes and Mac did. Then, Angel leaned over and started sucking Mac's throbbing cock! After that, Mac quickly decided to give it a shot!