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Nick Milani is back at the studio this week and we couldn't be happier. Nick tells Caruso that he loves coming here because even though he gets laid all the time, he prefers coming here and baiting a straight guy because it makes him feel like he worked for it! Whatever his reason, we're glad he's back with that hot bubble butt of his!

George Antouine is this week's straight guy and he's an interesting mix. This hottie is French and Moroccan! It's a beautiful blend that's mixed with a dirty mind. George loves porn and he has a thing for American girls with big boobs, blonde hair, blue eyes, and a less natural look. He won't have a hard time finding his dream girl in the porn World but he'll have a hard time finding her here.

After Caruso tells both guys to get hard so that he can make sure they pass his test, he steps out to check on the girl. Unfortunately, he returns with bad news once again... The girl isn't answering her phone so it doesn't look like there will be a scene today. But, if both guys are willing to have sex with each other, then he can double their pay. George didn't like the idea at all and his cock started to show it. He thought about it for a while but after realizing that he would end up going home without getting off or paid, he decided to give it a try!