Bait: Jack Winters
Straight: JT
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We haven't seen Jack Winters in a little while but he's back at the studio to see if he can get his hands, mouth, and ass, on some straight cock! Jack has been having plenty of sex lately but only occasionally with straight guys and they're his favorite type!

JT is this week's straight guy and he's a good looking, green-eyed, ginger stud! JT gets laid all the time but he decided to give porn a shot so that he can have sex and make some money in the process! JT is hot, hung, and he has a big cock! JT tells Caruso that red heads aren't his thing but that he absolutely loves fucking black girls.

Caruso tells both guys to focus on the porn, get hard, stay hard, and once they both pass the test, he'll go get the female talent. It didn't take long before both studs were rock hard and ready to fuck, so Caruso told them to sit tight while he steps out to get the girl. When he returned, both guys were still as hard as a rock and ready for some double penetration but there was just one small problem... the girl isn't going to make it today... But, before everyone leaves empty handed, Caruso told them that he could double their money if they would have sex with each other. Surprisingly, JT didn't hesitate and quickly said that he would be down with it. He then told Caruso that he's been with a guy a time or two and that he doesn't mind it at all! So, with that information, Caruso told Jack and JT that he was just going to step back and let the two of them have some fun!