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Mac is back in a very unique edition of BaitBuddies.com. You'll probably remember Mac from his first video shoot right here at the studio. He's hot, he's hung, and he's very horny!

When Mac came to the studio a little over two months ago, he mentioned that he was sexually experienced but that he had never done anything with a guy before. But, he wasn't being completely honest... Mac was so afraid of messing up his opportunity to get into the porn business that he wore a bandage over his gay friendly chest tattoo and pretended that doing anything with a guy made him feel uncomfortable. Obviously, that was not the case!

Fast forward a little bit and now Mac is back but this time he's the bait and he wants to trick a straight guy into going gay for pay! But, there's just one problem... due to the recent circumstances, the straight guy canceled and left Mac all alone and very horny. So, while Caruso was out trying to figure out what to do, Mac decided to take Caruso's camera and film himself busting a nut and giving his fans quite the show!