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Welcome back Matt Muck! Due to the quarantine, Matt isn't at the studio. Instead, he's stuck on a farm in Mississippi with a buddy of his named, Bud! Matt told Bud about his porn experience but he hasn't been totally honest about the plan that he came up with so that both guys could make a little extra money...

During a video chat with Caruso, Caruso let the cat out of the bag... He explained that we are in strange times now and if both guys want to make some money, then they will have to film themselves having sex with each other. Bud wasn't too freaked out and he even admitted that he has been curious about what having sex with a guy would be like after Matt filled him in on the details.

Check out Matt and Bud's homemade sex tape that they filmed in the woods all by themselves! Matt leads the way as Bud has his first gay for pay experience! You won't be disappointed and be sure to watch the entire video or you'll miss out on both guys taking each other's loads in their mouths!