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We're back this week with another homemade BaitBuddies.com video!

Kirk Cummings is this week's bait and you'll probably recognize from other porn sites or maybe you'll recognize him from American Idol 5! He looked a little different then and his hair was much longer but he's still as hot as ever! After trying out for American Idol, he decided to give porn a shot. He cut his hair, hit the gym, and even grew some facial hair. Either way, the guy is hot!

Kirk is stuck at home with his roommate Barrett. Barrett is tall and buff with red hair and blue eyes. Kirk thinks he's hot and has always wanted to hook up with him but Barrett is completely straight. So, during these strange times and with money running low, Kirk suggested that they contact Caruso to see if they could film a scene for BaitBuddies.com. Then, both guys will get paid as well as get laid! Barrett thought about it for a bit and then decided to give it a shot. After all, they are roommates as well as friends and Barrett figured that if he was going to go gay for pay then it might as well be with someone that he's comfortable with.