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Straight: Axel
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Welcome back to another special edition of!

It's strange times that we are living in and people are finding all kinds of interesting things to do at home. Sex is one of them! People have been having sex like crazy! But, then we have situations where friends are stuck at home together, all horny, and no girls around. That's the situation that Rico Lean and his buddy Axel, are stuck in...

Rico Leon hasn't been on since 2017 and Caruso is so happy to have him back! Rico has been stuck at home with his buddy Axel. Axel is straight, hot, ripped, and very horny. Since the gyms are closed, Axel has been working out at home but that just doesn't do the trick and it doesn't make him any money. After Rico contacted Caruso to see if they could shoot a scene from home, Caruso seized the opportunity.

During the interview, Axel admitted that he has been curious about hooking up with a guy ever since Rico explained to Axel that he's a gay for pay model. Axel was nervous at first, and he just couldn't stop giggling. Until, Rico started sucking his cock! After that, it was game on!