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Welcome back to another special edition of BaitBuddies.com!

Due to the current circumstances, Mac Savage and his buddy Oscar have been stuck living together for several months now. With money starting to run low, Mac decided to contact Caruso to see if he could help out. And, Caruso was more than happy to help out. He called Mac and Oscar to try to convince Oscar to go gay for pay... And, even though he knows all about Mac's evolving sexuality, Oscar said that he just wasn't ready. But, Caruso wasn't going to let him off that easy. He told both guys to discuss everything with each other and if they changed their minds, then they could record a scene on their phones and send the videos over to him. Mac was all about it, and when he described his perfect guy, Oscar checked all the boxes! But, it was all up to Oscar to decide. So, after a very long talk, and some serious contemplating, Oscar finally caved in.

Watch Mac's buddy squirm in passion as Mac sucks his cock like nobody has ever done before! And, when Mac gets him really going, Oscar bends him over and fucks his ass good and hard like he says he does to his girlfriend's pussy!