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Eddie Danger is back at the studio in this special edition of BaitBuddies.com!

We haven't seen Eddie Danger in a long time but he's gracing us with his beauty once again! Eddie has been stuck at home with plenty of time to work out. And, it shows! His body is amazing, his muscles are nice and tight, and his dick is glorious! It's big and fat with a nice, plump head! Eddie loves to show off for the camera and since he needs to make some money, he contacted Caruso to see if he could star in another scene. Caruso couldn't turn this stud down so he quickly arranged the video shoot.

Eddie showed up at the studio and he was ready to get down to business. Hot, horny, and sporting a semi,  Eddie just couldn't wait to get his clothes off! He was ready to show off for the camera and shoot a big load. And, that's exactly what he did!