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Welcome to another special edition of BaitBuddies.com!

During these strange times, straight guys are getting desperate for money and they seem to be more willing to go gay for pay! And, we're not complaining!

Matt Muck is back again and he's filming this week's scene for us! After the feedback from his last outdoor scene, Caruso was eager to have him film another. So, when he contacted Caruso and explained that he has another straight buddy that is willing to explore the gay for pay scene, Caruso jumped at the idea!

Will Powers is Matt's buddy and this country stud sure is hot! He's rough, tough, and packing some meat! Oh, and his ass is great too! Will has never done anything with a guy before, but he's horny, broke, and he really needs to blow a load!

Watch Matt as he takes the lead and shoves his tongue in Will's sexy ass! Will liked it so much that he was willing to take a cock up his ass for his first gay for pay experience!