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Welcome back to another special edition of BaitBuddies.com!

Jacob is this week's straight guy and he'll be filming this scene from inside his home! It's up-close, personal, and from the room where he regularly fucks women!

Jacob contacted Caruso because he's in need of some cash... Due to the current circumstances, he's in desperate need of making money and fast, because his bills are due and he's out of work! So, since he has a thick cock, 6'' around the base, and he loves to fuck, he figured he could give porn a try! Jacob is hot, ripped, and super horny! He shows off his hairy body for the camera before lubing up and stroking his thick dick! Jacob even shows off his cool cock ring that keeps his balls tight and his cock throbbing!

Watch Jacob stroke his dick and fantasize about pussy while men from all over the World are watching this scene and jacking off to his hot performance!